• Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Just-In-Sequence (JIS)
  • Storage of normal goods
  • Storage of HACCP permission bound goods
  • Shelf and block storage
  • Storage of waste and hazardous (ADR) materials
  • Storage of oversized and overweight goods
  • Storage of high value goods
  • Providing logistical background
  • Integration to the SAP system of the customer
  • Special, company tailored logistic solutions
  • Full range of transportation services


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H-9027 Győr, Almafa s. 17.
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H-9012 Győr, Zsigmond Király. street 21.
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H-9111 Tényő, Győri street 57.
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About us

INNOVATÍV RAKTÁRLOGISZTIKA Ltd as memeber of the Innovativ Group in its 61 000 m² covered and outdoor warehouse provides full-range storage services: starting from normal goods through waste and dangerous materials (ADR) till storage of oversized and overweight goods. We can also manage Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) storage, and integration to the customers SAP system. The high standards are garantied by our ISO 9001 qualification. Thanks to our MLSZKSZ qualification, you can get up to 25 million Ft aif from the state, if you work with us.

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INNOVATIV RAKTÁRLOGISZTIKA 9012 Győr, Zsigmond Király s. 21-25. 47.641499, 17.609454 Get directions